Buying or Selling a condo? Condo ownership is a different form of ownership compared to a single family home. Brenda Parai & Kim Whyte have the inside track on what you need to know when buying or selling a condo. As a Certified Condominium Specialist, Brenda Parai can ensure your condo purchase or sale is properly handled and marketed.

Important considerations must be taken when buying or selling a condominium:

Sellers are expected to provide condo documents to a buyer including: recent financial statements, the current budget & condo contribution fees for the unit, board meeting minutes for the last year including AGM minutes, the condo plan, the most currently registered bylaws of the condo corporation, the reserve fund study, plus any other pertinent details about the condo unit or building. Brenda will obtain all of this information on your behalf as a seller and ensure you as a buyer receives all the documents required.

For buyers, there are condominium property inspectors who will review and report to you on the the condominium building that you have made an offer of. Part of buying a condominium allows you a conditional period of approximately 10 days to review the required documents. These documents can be reviewed on your own or by a condominium documents specialist such as:

Condo Max Inc.

Condominium Documents Inspection Agency